• Oil is an ancient product, rich in history.
  • Oil is not to be drunk, but eaten.
  • Oil is a prestigious food; only a few grams can change the flavor of any dish.
  • Oil is good for health and pleasurable to the palate.
  • Oil comes from the wise and ancient art of the oil mill master.
  • Oil comes from a plant but is created in a mill, that’s why it is an handicraft product.


  • Handicraft is unique where industry is standard.
  • Handicraft is respect for the land and nature.
  • Handicraft is man’s creativity, after farming.
  • Handicraft il culture, professionalism and craft secrets.
  • Handicraft is a closed supply chain, from the plant to the table.​​​​​​ 

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An ancient product rich of history

The first quality factor of Italian extra virgin olive oil is represented by olive trees and their cultivation. Our heritage is represented by over 500 varieties.

​​​​​​​Many cultivars mean biodiversity, great variety and typicality in olive oil production: an inestimable unique resource in the world that oil millers defend and value because having such a wide variety portfolio allows diversifying its offer and supplying products on the national and international market, always new and for all consumer tastes.

The artisan according to the etymology of the word (from the Latin ars, art) is the artist: a person who elaborates raw materials according to rules that belong to tradition and culture of the territory in which he lives, executes those rules according to his sensitivity, his talent, his personal ability, and finally comes to a result, a product of his creativity. Biodiversity, typicality, technology, creativity, professionalism mean that no one oil of an oil mill is the same as another: the sense of artisan production is precisely in the diversification of aromas, flavors, as different is the interpretation of the rules by the olive oil master, and the blend of the cultivars used, also in relation to the soil nature where the olive tree is growing and to the climatic conditions of the territory.

The figure of the “homo faber” is central in the writings of Pico della Mirandola as the one who seeks autonomous creativity.

Culture is what dictates the work of the “Oil Miller Masters”.
The homo faber of the third millennium is free from the alienation of the worker. The ideal is a modern handicraft production that masters all the phases of a product’s creation.
For the handicraft entrepreneur, the pride of a well done job is worth more than any money it makes.

Because for us at Frantoio Tuscus, ethics are intrinsic to the product and its process. This is the sense of our Ethic Code.
Producing extra virgin oil means having a great responsibility because the oil, in addition to being  a condiment, for its intrinsic properties is a formidable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but also, according to the most advanced medical research, a preventive antidote to certain medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
For this reason, businesses are called on to fulfil an important social role, providing that they produce an high quality olive oil.Giampaolo Sodano
Oil Miller Master

The virtues of high quality extra virgin olive oil


when an extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted from healthy olives using a technology that guarantees the high quality and under the oil miller master control, then it will certainly have a persistent scent of fresh fruit, it will be pleasant to taste with a perfect balance between bitter and spicy and will leave the mouth fresh and clean. It will be delightful to drink it in the morning, like a fruit juice.


Olive oil is not only a fine condiment but mostly an extraordinary food, it’s a nutraceutical, a food good for health. It contributes to the formation of the lymph, keeps the joints loose, it’s a thermal protection for the body, ensures the regular activity of the cardio-circulatory system. Recent studies have shown the preventive function of olive oil in colon cancer and in diabetes. In fact, it has a well-balanced content of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that guarantee easy digestion but the most interesting thing is that they give about 30% of the energy that the human body needs.


for centuries it’s been considered a long life Elixir because its components (oleic and linoleic acids, oleocanthal, vitamins A, D and E, in addition to antioxidants such as polyphenols, phytosterols, chlorophyll and carotenoids) have an important protective action for the human organism.

Thanks to the large quantity of nutrients of which high quality extra virgin oil is composed, it is a precious ally for maintaining a good state of health. Many scientific studies show the benefits deriving from a diet rich in extra-virgin olive oil:

  • for the cardiovascular system. The high percentage of monounsaturated oleic acid increases the presence of "good" cholesterol in blood, called HDL, which prevents the "bad" cholesterol from settling on the interior wall of blood vessels and starting to eliminate it thus reducing the risk of heart attack. Furthermore, vitamin E acts as a natural vasodilator.

  • for the endocrine system. Vitamin E also helps regulate the metabolism of the hormone level, thus preventing weight increase. It also acts as a natural antioxidant, counteracting the aging of our body cells.

  • for the brain. The essential fatty acids contained in extra virgin olive oil are fundamental for the proper brain functioning: the nervous tissue, from gray matter to the myelin sheath, is rich in these unsaturated components. Taking olive oil prevents its deficiency by promoting the health of the entire nervous system.

  • during pregnancy for the fetus development. Fatty acids, combined with a protein diet, are also important "bricks" for the formation of the fetus in the womb.

  • against inflammation. Thanks to the oleocanthal (substance of the family of polyphenols responsible for the spicy note), olive oil helps to prevent inflammations with effects similar to those of ibuprofen.

  • is a precious skin care aid, making it softer and more elastic.

Definitely, using extra virgin oil continuously, it makes our body an extraordinary service: it helps to preserve it, even from serious diseases, and gives it indispensable substances such as vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it makes life tasty and appetizing ... something not secondary!

FAPI Handicraft Oil Mills and Small Enterprises

We are craftsmen and olive oil producers. We have a project: to offer to consumers the opportunity to choose healthy food at the right price.

In this project, what we call oil producers are the handicraft mills. These are companies in which workers are competent and honest, who guarantee their product, because they control the whole supply chain, from the cultivation of the olive grove to the bottle on the table, the professional competence in the management of technologies, the transformation method and the transparency in the production and distribution process.

We take care of all phases of the supply chain and production, including distribution conditions, because after working for a year we can not abandon our product in fate’s hands.

We have been working in these years to realize this project: we met, we respect and we trust each other and we decided to associate in order to reach together our customers tables ensuring the excellence of our oil.

It was necessary to create a Consortium to make the handicraft mills recognizable as the only true olive oil producers, and to give an unequivocal identity to our product, to make it easier and immediate to identify the quality of the oil we do, from consumers.

In this way the consumer will be sure to buy a real quality extra virgin product whose origin, product genuineness, transparency of the production process are guaranteed.

Our action for a quality handicraft oil, for a transparent market, for healthy food, wants to be also a contribution to a better Italy, with a more balanced social and economic development.

With our companies and our work, we hope to participate in the renewal of our country and to be protagonists of the development and growth of Italy.

Frantoio Tuscus is one of the founding members of the Consortium.