The oil goes to the theater.


The books

In "Fuga dalla città" Giampaolo Sodano and Fabrizia Cusani, tell their story through paths of real life, anecdotes and field experiences: from the decision to leave city life to the transformation of a country house into an organic olive farm with 7,000 olive trees. To multiply life that is increasingly a beautiful adventure with its ups and downs, health and disease, happiness and worries. Without regrets we can leave behind commitments and successes, whirling rhythms and even ambitions. To take your time back. To savor the sweet taste of friendship in a banquet that winds lightly and deeply around a table. To enjoy taste and virtues, to tell about food as culture and oil as tradition. From one life to another. Words and images to tell how to cultivate olive trees, make oil and organize a banquet. And live happily.

Authors: F.Cusani, G.Sodano
Publisher: Al.Ma Media Editore, 2013 - Tel. 06.89676003
Price: €. 16,00

The "Valore dell’olio" is a two-volume essay that analyzes the advent of artisan oil mills and, on the market, artisanal oil in the world of food production, which is certainly an element of clarity and transparency in favor of the consumer. Stating that there is an oil from olives, traced and certified for its quality and regulated for its manufacturing process, has changed the meaning and the role of the Oil Master, a figure relegated so far to the "machines" to make oil. The value of his professionalism must be recognized because the Mastro Oleario transfers culture and history, technical and technological know-how, added value to the "doing" product. It is a new professional figure able to guarantee the economic value and the high level of quality of the product that makes it a good, healthy and nutritious food necessary for the health of the consumer and at the same time able to offer him variety of flavors and tastes that biodiversity - territorial and olive-growing - makes it possible.

Authors: M.Pacelli, G.Sodano
Publisher: Agra, 2015 - Tel.06.44254205
Price: €. 25,00

The guide
It is an extraordinary experience to go to mills and taste the oil that comes out of the separator. It is a ritual that is repeated every year, always the same and always different, full of emotion that opens up an unknown world, still too unknown. The guide "Pane e Olio" at the Italian artisan mills was born from the need expressed by consumers to know, to see, to understand why in recent years there has been a strong tendency to go to the mill to choose oil for home and spend a special day. Special because in addition to the magic of the mill, to its intense aromas, you have the opportunity to get to know a territory, its beauties, its typical products. Because the mill is at the center of an economic-territorial system, it is the fulcrum of a cultural and environmental identity, it is a signal of values. The miller, the Mastro Oleario, knows and tells the social, cultural and historical reality of the place where he works.

Authors: F.Cusani, G.Sodano
Publisher: Al.Ma Media Editore, 2011 - Tel. 06.89676003